With the SmartScan User app, managing your physical mail and packages has never been easier. With the app on your smartphone or tablet, you can view the envelopes received, any scanned letters, make decisions on how to handle each mail item, and archive any important items.

Download our easy-to-use mobile app for an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet today from the links below.

Features and Benefits

  • All of your digital mail is accessible on your smartphone or tablet
  • When you travel for business you never have to worry about missing an important letter or bill
  • When you are on vacation, someone is taking care of your mail
  • At your vacation home, no problem. Your mail is sent to you digitally. No long delays or expensive shipping costs
  • Tired of stopping by your mailbox to pick up your mail? Receive all your mail on your smartphone or tablet
  • Manage your mail anywhere, anytime from your smartphone. While you travel, while in your vacation home, while on that cruise, while enjoying your much deserved vacation
  • Use a PO Box? Save yourself time by turning that mailbox into a virtual mailbox and never have to stop by the PO Box again.