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We are passionate about Digital Mail! The future of mail delivery is mobile!

In 2008 we had had enough! We were tired of trekking to our PO Box only to find it filled with junk mail or worse, empty! What a waste of time and money. Why couldn’t our brand new smartphone (this was 2008 after all!) let us know what was in the PO Box and even deliver our mail? And so, SmartAlert Service and SmartScan was born!

Established in 2009 to provide software solutions for Retail Shippers, Office Suites and Apartment complexes, we have been helping manage mail and packages ever since. The key to our success has been our easy-to-use mobile technology combined with our customer support.

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Office:      1804 Garnet Ave., Suite 641, San Diego, CA 92109

Phone:     888-491-6340